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Code Awards 2017, well established Digital Marketing Advertising Awards in Japan will extend its deadline to May 12 for applications submission

D2C Inc. is soliciting examples of marketing communication employing digital media for consideration for the “Code Awards 2017” (http://www.codeaward.jp/en/). These awards are aimed at total digital marketing advertising and are intended to commend the efforts of teams who have planned and executed outstanding work of this type and to make their achievements more widely known. We have now decided to extend the deadline for submissions until 5.00 pm on Friday, May 12 (Japan time).

The awards are applicable to marketing communications employing digital media including products and services supplied by companies, brands and local government agencies inside and outside Japan between April 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017. Methods, ideas and results will be assessed irrespective of devices, techniques and the scale of the policies involved.

Submissions may be made by advertisers, advertising companies, production companies and anybody else, but authorization from the holder of rights over the particular work (including the advertiser) must be obtained for every submission.

Works should be submitted online following user registration on the official website. For details please see the application guidelines. The winners of the various awards and the Grand Prix will be announced in the middle of July.

Together with our partner companies, the mass media and industrial organizations, D2C intends to continue contributing to the further diffusion and development of digital advertising communication and marketing in the future through these awards.