A Survey on Utilization Trends for Mobile Devices (February 2012)

- Ratio of Smartphone Users Surpasses 25%, Enters Popularization Phase -

0322_10.jpgのサムネール画像 D2 Communications Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Takayuki Hoshuyama; hereinafter referred to as D2C) has carried out a survey related to trends in utilization of increasingly popular smartphones. A nationwide questionnaire survey directed at 3,095 male and female PC users ranging in age from 15 to 69 was carried out in February 2012 with information compiled regarding usage trends for feature phones and smartphones.

* The "October survey" referred to in this release is the survey conducted in October 2011.
 You can check specific data on this survey at our company website.  October survey: 

[ Point I. ] Percentages of Feature Phone and Smartphone Users
Smartphone Users Exceed 25%

 The percentage of users who own only a feature phone stands at 74.5%, while smartphone-only users represent 19.0% of all users and 6.5% of users make use of both types. The total of smartphone-only users and users of both types of phones was 25.5%, a 4.9 point increase from October (20.6%). The result shows over one-quarter of all users own a smartphone. 


[ Point II. ] Media Exposure
Smartphone users show primary exposure to television, personal computers, and smartphones

 Feature-phone-only users' average connect time per day indicated extensive exposure to media, consisting in order of Internet use via PC at 172.8 minutes, television at 170.8 minutes, radio at 34.7 minutes, newspapers at 25.1 minutes, and Internet use via feature phone at 24.0 minutes. Smartphone-only users also indicated extensive media exposure, while their use consisted, in order, of Internet use via PC at 141.2 minutes, television at 141.0 minutes, Internet use via smartphone at 65.0 minutes, and smartphone application use at 51.3 minutes.
Furthermore, smartphone-only users use of Internet via smartphone plus smartphone applications was 116.3 minutes and these users showed extensive use of PC, television, and smartphone media. There was not much noticeable change from the October survey.



[ Point III. ] Internet Utilization
Internet Usage Time by Smartphone Users is More Than 20 Minutes Longer Than Such Usage by Feature Phone Users

 Looking at daily Internet usage time, 25.1% of feature phone-only users reported using the Internet for less than 10 minutes, 7.0% reported usage of less than an hour and 5.8% reported usage of less than 30 minutes. All together, 50.3% of all feature phone-only users access the Internet, with the average duration of utilization being 47.8 minutes. Changes from the previous survey in October are not noticeably large.
 On the other hand, smartphone users indicated daily Internet usage times consist of 21.6% at less than 10 minutes, 20.8% at less than 1 hour, and 17.5% at less than 30 minutes. Overall, 95.2% of smartphone users overall reported Internet access with an average duration of 71.0 minutes, both numbers declines a little from the October survey.


[ Point IV. ] Application and Content Utilization
60.7% of Feature Phone Users Who Use the Internet and 56.6% of Smartphone Users Who Use the Internet Make Use of Fee-Based Applications and Content

1.Expenditures on Fee-Based Applications and Content
When both feature phone and smartphone users who accessed the Internet were asked about their monthly expenditures on fee-based applications and content, 16.2% of feature-phone-only users indicated expenditures of ¥300-¥499 per month, 11.8% indicated expenditures of ¥100-299 per month, and 10.4% indicated expenditures of under ¥100 per month, which does not represent any significant departure from the October survey.
Smartphone users, on the other hand, indicated that 21.1% spend under ¥100 per month, 13.8% spend ¥100-¥299 per month, and 8.9% spend ¥300 - ¥499 per month. Average expenditures by fee-based application and content users increased from ¥513 in the October survey to ¥557 in the February survey.


2.Downloading Smartphone Applications
 Smartphone users (Internet users) reported application downloads per month of 15.1% for 3 downloads, 14.5% for 4-5 downloads, and 14.5% for 2 downloads. On the whole 74.8% of smartphone users reported 1 or more download per month, with an average of 3.7 downloads per month for these users.
 Looking at fee-based applications, we see 11.2% of users for 1 download, 4.7% for 2 downloads, 2.4% for 3 downloads, and a total of 21.2% of users making at least one download.
Users who downloaded applications fell from 80.1% in the October survey to 74.8% in the February survey, while users who downloaded fee-based applications showed little change from the October survey figure of 21.0%.

[ Point V. ] Online Shopping
Purchase rates of smartphone users now show a higher proportion than feature-phone-only users

1. The Popularity of Online Shopping
In response to questions about online shopping habits, 39.9% of feature-phone-only users and 46.7% of smartphone users indicated that they had used their phones for online shopping, with smartphone users now showing a higher percentage of such usage.
Looking at goods purchased on the Internet during the three-month span between surveys, we see that 24.4% of feature-phone-only users indicated purchases of fashion items/merchandise during the period, 15.9% said that they had purchased food or beverage products, and 15.1% indicated purchases of magazines or books. For smartphone users, 31.6% indicated purchases of fashion items/merchandise during the period, 16.1% indicated purchases of magazines or books, and 15.8% indicated purchases of food or beverage products. While smartphone users showed higher numbers for most online shopping categories, there was little noticeable disparity in products purchased.


2. Amounts Spent on Online Shopping
 When individuals who had used their phones to shop online within the three month period were asked about the amount of money they spend on Internet purchases, 26.0% indicated ¥5,000 - ¥9,999 per month, 22.9% indicated ¥1,000 - ¥2,999 per month and 16.5% indicated ¥3,000 - ¥4,999 per month. For smartphone users, 21.1% of users indicated ¥3,000 - ¥4,999 per month, 17.5% of feature phone users indicated ¥5,000 - ¥9,999 per month and 17.4% indicated ¥10,000 - ¥19,999 per month. The average amount spent by feature-phone-only users was ¥15,756, while smartphone users spent an average of ¥13,857. Both figures are increases from the October survey.
 Because the February survey was taken during the months of November, December, and January which include the holiday shopping season, we believe the energetic shopping activity during that season is one reason that both feature-phone-only users and Smartphone users are increases, while feature-phone users are slightly in decline from the October survey.

[Point VI.] Details behind smartphone users' application selection
Approximately 70% of users take advantage of application market rankings

 In response to questions on sources for application information, 43.7% of smartphone users pointed to Android Market, 33.9% to AppStore, 29.4% to word of mouth from friends and acquaintances, 20.9% to other application review sites, and 18.0% to comments on Internet blogs and bulletin boards. Among Android users, 72.1% reported use of Android Market, while 88.2% of iPhone users used AppStore. This indicates that the proportion of users who went to the respective application market for each type of user was at a very high level.
 In response to questions about their use of application rankings, 31.9% of application market users reported that they did not search the rankings, while about 70% reported that they did.

Where to look for Smartphone Apps

How many apps users check within the Apps Rankings
0322_10.jpgProfile of survey respondents

< Survey Outline >
■Period Implemented: February 07-08 2012
■Survey Method: PC Internet Survey
■Parties Surveyed: Open-type Internet Research Monitor
   Males & Females ages of 15 - 69 who own cell phones/PHS (including smartphones) for personal use
■Number of Samples Collected: 3,095 Samples (layout collection equally by sex and age bracket) 
■Surveying Company: Macromill Inc.
Note: With this survey, weighted sampling was carried out based on the age and gender distribution of users of cell phones/PHS (including smartphones).
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