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Overseas Expansion

Establishing bases in China, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand, using digital marketing know-how cultivated in Japan, to make a reality of localization adapted for the environment and culture of each country. We are expanding our marketing business as a whole, with our local group companies.


D2C China Co.,Ltd.

D2C China is an advertising company established in July 2007; a 100%-owned subsidiary in Shanghai City, People's Republic of China. D2C China is providing the most suitable marketing methods, both precision and flexible, using wireless devices to meet the marketing needs and issues of advertisers and advertising agencies over a wide spectrum of the Chinese market, under the slogan "+ Mobile". In this fashion, we are deploying the various know-how we have cultivated on the Japanese market.

Shanghai Oriental Pearl D2C Culture and Media Co.,LTD.(OPD2C)

OPD2C was established in June 2014 under the umbrella of SMG, a major Chinese media and cultural industrial group as a joint venture with D2C Inc. At OPD2C, localization, publishing and operation of smartphone games developed by D2C and Japanese companies is implemented, with an emphasis on own company game development. Games are then deployed via platforms for iOS and Android terminals.


D2C Taiwan

The Taiwan office was established in March 2012, in a country where there is remarkable growth in prevalence of mobile devices. Provision of revolutionary marketing solutions for local advertisers, on the basis of know-how cultivated in Japan, with an emphasis on Japanese companies launching in Taiwan. In addition to creating more effective communication with advertisers and consumers, we are striving for robust distribution and development of the mobile marketing market for Taiwan by optimizing the company value of advertisers by means of mobile use.

Also, we perform high-quality app marketing and consulting duties in the currently flourishing games market of Taiwan, where we are trusted by clients, including many Japanese companies.



We are providing marketing solutions customized to brand advertisers, having concluded a capital and business agreement with MCFIVA (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in 2013, a country where growth in the digital domain is remarkable.
MCFIVA Co., Ltd. are a digital marketing agency with strategic planning and creative strengths in the brand marketing domain for Thailand.

Indonesia, India, Singapore

affle Pte. Ltd.

In 2011, D2C began capital participation in AFFLE Co., Ltd. as a one-stop dedicated enterprise from development and sales of mobile advertising products to planning and proposal/production work on mobile campaigns.

We are contributing to the growth of the mobile advertising market in the various countries of Asia, where medium and long-term growth is anticipated, using the network held by AFFLE (mobile carriers/advertising companies/advertisers). This is achieved by providing AFFLE with the know-how cultivated by D2C to date on the Japanese market. In addition, we provide D2C’s know-how to ad2c, a group company established by AFFLE in 2012.

Inbound Business

By driving the strong local networks in the respective bases of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam, it is possible to provide across broad areas. This includes not only ADNW but also other areas such as buying of locally powerful media and tie-ins with popular bloggers, through management of social media including Facebook. It also includes creating homepages, creating campaign sites, TVCM, and OOH. In addition it covers, for example, trains or buses with wrap advertising, and event management.
We will support the promotion of Japanese companies for each country, including creative and copy creation optimized for local use.

Content Creation/Localization

Creative and content made in Japan localized to fit the preferences and cultures of the respective countries.We also provide CMS tools, etc. which allow production of difficult-to-express copy, content rewrites, and multilingual deployment, using only production services and translation.

Tie-ins with Foreign Brokers

By means of tie-ins with popular overseas bloggers and social media in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and so on, it is possible to transmit timely content matched to products and information. Also, we select bloggers with strengths in different industries, cater to live coverage, text and image editing, etc. on the ground in Japan.

Media Buying

It is possible to arrange direct copy submission to powerful advertising media (online/offline) with local characteristics, with an emphasis on overseas mega mediums in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and the respective ASEAN countries. This increases the possibilities for effective user reach with high ROI value.