Digital Marketing

DOCOMO Business

Inbound Business

By driving the strong local networks, it is possible to provide the services below across broad areas.

We provide…
ADNW / buying of locally powerful media / tie-ins with popular bloggers / management of social media including Facebook / creating homepages, campaign sites, TVCM, OOH / event management.

We will support the promotion of Japanese companies for each country, including creative and copy creation optimized for local use.

Content Creation/Localization

Creative and content made in Japan localized to fit the preferences and cultures of the respective countries.We also provide CMS tools, etc. which allow production of difficult-to-express copy, content rewrites, and multilingual deployment, using only production services and translation.

Tie-ins with Foreign Brokers

By means of tie-ins with popular overseas bloggers and social media in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and so on, it is possible to transmit timely content matched to products and information. Also, we select bloggers with strengths in different industries, cater to live coverage, text and image editing, etc. on the ground in Japan.

Media Buying

It is possible to arrange direct copy submission to powerful advertising media (online/offline) with local characteristics, with an emphasis on overseas mega mediums in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and the respective ASEAN countries. This increases the possibilities for effective user reach with high ROI value.