President's Message

D2C Inc.
President & CEO
Takayuki Hoshuyama

At a mobile conference held in Barcelona in Spring 2001, I gave a keynote speech in which I faced incredulous reactions such as "HAHAHA Japan really is something special," as I explained about the spread of the world's first mobile Internet service, iMode, and case studies of mobile marketing and its future potential.

"My 28 year old self" was nervous at attending his first overseas lecture, anxiously wondering if my explanations were poor, and so on. When I recall this now, perhaps it was a simple case of "envy." This was how advanced Japan was as a country for mobile.

Mobile advertising and marketing are now generalized and indeed already long-standing throughout the world. I am proud that D2C, which first found a voice as the world's first mobile advertising company in 2000, has contributed to the dissemination and awareness raising of mobile advertising. It believed in the possibilities of mobile, created case studies with clients, received advertising awards, and helped expand the industry.

However, that is the past. Now mobile is central to the lifestyles of people throughout the world. It is inconceivable that we will return to a world without digital devices connected to high-speed networks. This being so, it is self-evident that mobile will be at the focus of marketing.

D2C now deploys 4 group companies in Japan, and local offices and group companies in six countries centered in Asia, all around the fulcrum of the digital advertising and marketing domain. We will continue to find partners with whom to promote our business both in Japan and overseas centered on each country of Asia.

With our activities in Japan as the springboard, we will grow with our friends throughout the world who will join us on this journey. This is the role with which I am now entrusted. Where, I wonder, is the company which will become the next "My 28 year old self"?

Design your wireless life

Takayuki Hoshuyama